Our day starts with sunrise, we hope on the boat and go for Whales scouting across the warm Indian Ocean (30C), the sun is razing while we start to see fountains in the water, then tails appear and the heart start beating high! They are so graceful and wonderful! We admire whales from the boat getting closer and jump in the water with attention and love towards those big mammals! Watch them in the water, swim with them and freedive together! The feeling of being the one with the Universe!

After freediving with whales we make the training session with the bouys in the ocean and come back to the beautiful beach for breakfast!

In the afternoon we meet for exercises and psychological techniques and go for dinner and walking in the evening!

6 days like this to reset totally the mind, relax and feel happy and connected!

Srilankian seafood is very good and lots of exotic fruits give us energy.