Andaman Islands, Havelock island


2 workshops: 7-13.04, 14-20.04

Andaman Islands have the most beautiful reef in the world! Great variety of marine species, corals, manta rays, whales, dolphins! We will freedive with all those beauty!) 

The program is based on specific breathing exercises, DE concentration,

relaxation and meditation helps to feel the pleasure of training,

improving sports results in shortest time increasing self-esteem and activating the personal




Who is it for the workshop? Athletes, who want to train with pleasure and greatly improve sports results through total control of their sports

performance. To have more contact with theirselfs and to evoid injuries. 

After careful assessment /evaluation of your Breathing Pattern the BPT program demonstrates and integrates latest breathing techniques of world champion free divers . 

These specific breathing exercises restores natural breathing rhythm to help you reach your Vital Lung Capacity VLC which in turn empowers energy level and gives great results.

De-concentration is a unique psychological technique discovered by the Russian scientist Oleg Bakhtijarov. De-Concentration helps people to connect with their inner wisdom to make the best decision in the shortest amount of time using intuition.

De-Concentration is a new technique in America that helps achieve deeper clarity ,presence , the optimal state of mind for making best decisions to reach and exceed your goals.

Author of the program Marina Kazankova World champion freediver, sports psychologist, freedive instructor. 

Marina is a World Champion freediver and Psychologist. Marina started to freedive before she was able to walk, she can dive deeper that 200 feet, and stay underwater for more than 7min while holding her breath. Marina has held her seminars in Italy, France, New Caledonia, Japan, UK, Croatia, Bali, USA, Roatan, Dubai, Russia, Egypt, and Australia.

6 days workshops

2 h theory, practice and breathing exercises(each day):

What DE concentration is, why and when you need it, how it helps us?

Psychological preparation, motivation.

Anxious before the dive, how to transform it in energy?) 

Preparatory exercises for DE concentration. Visual DE concentration Visual

3d DE concentration Audio DE concentration Somatic DE concentration

Deep freediving 1.5h ( each day)

Debriething (each day)