We learn to surf from freediving perspective! First feeling the wave with our body, understanding how to work with it. Learning the wave and how to behave on it! We live on the beach in a nice hotel, just need to step out of the room and start surfing! In Weligama there is the best place in the world for massages!




Our day starts with sunrise, we hope on the boat and go for Whales scouting across the warm Indian Ocean (30C), the sun is razing while we start to see fountains in the water, then tails appear and the heart start beating high! They are so graceful and wonderful! We admire whales from the boat getting closer and jump in the water with attention and love towards those big mammals! Watch them in the water, swim with them and freedive together! The feeling of being the one with the Universe!




Marina Kazankova psychologist, world champion FreeDiver and Actress is joining forces with Benny Maslov actor, dancer and choreographer in their first workshop together exploring human relationships through dance connection and psychology of your behavioral patterns and reactions.




Andaman Islands, Havelock island


2 workshops: 7-13.04, 14-20.04