Япония 9

Report for the workshop of psychological preparation for sports and competitions in Tokyo 08.01-08.02.16
It was a unique immersion for me into Japanese culture, totally different language and beautiful people! The workshop started 30min before the estimated time, because everybody was there half an hour before! Japanese tradition! In first 5 minutes of self-presentations and expectations of the workshop I noticed the difference between Americans and Japanese: if for Americans self promotion and sharing experience is a life style, for Japanese it's the opposite! They will never promote their selfs and would not share their emotions also if you'll ask them. Cultural difference! Another interesting fact was that all of them had their static over 5 minutes! I took it also as a cultural achievement, all of them are able to relax their body and brains in static! I was very curious how will the workshop go, because I'he never held one in Eastern countries, I can't speak Japanese and do not know well the culture, but in a very short time I felt at home, I felt that my students understand me, they feel my techniques and making great progresses! The water sessions were fantastic, everybody found their own way to be relaxed, de-concentrated and happy underwater. At the end of the workshop we already felt like a family and it was so hard to say buy. My students asked me to come back soon with another workshop and it'll be my greatest pleasure!
Here is their video feedback: