Seminar 8-10.04 2016

Amazing people, beautiful nature and wonderful ocean! We travelled a lot around the island to see all its diversity: Volcano with its hot lava, highest mountain, rain forests, rare birds, waterfalls, flowers, fruits and Aloha.


The Workshop was so relaxing and pleasant and I am happy to see my students relaxed underwater, with internal smile and making great personal results.
Thank you Mandy Sumner and Kona Freedivers for organization and hospitality. I loved your beautiful island so much.


I really enjoyed this course! Ive been freediving for a few months now and relaxation has been a struggle for me. After 3 days working with marina, i feel much more confident in the water, my dynamics significantly improved, and i learned a lot of great stretches and exercises to prepare myself mentally for a good dive. Mahalo, Marina! -brian kispert, kona

Your class was very helpful in creating a form for relaxation, i intellectually knew that i had to relax during my freediving but it was hard to do. Your exercises really gave me a methodology to work with. Also your guidance on my technique was very helpful. Mahalo Chris Kim

Marinas course was amazing! I look forward to using the techniques that i have been introduced to for both Freediving, other sports, and just plane everyday life! Mahalo. Sydney Capitano Seattle USA

I learned so much in the class!
I didn't even know there was a better way to kick without bending my knees. Rotating my ankle and foot inward and keeping my legs straight gave me so much more power. I also really enjoyed learning the dolphin kick!
I now can practice de-concentration auditory and visual to train my mind to relax and stop unnecessary, oxygen depleting attention and activity. I had no idea about being able to move visual awareness without actually moving my eyes. Fun!
I really enjoyed you as a teacher! You took the time to help every person's specific needs. Thank you!