01.23.16-01.24.16 3

We had a greatest time and learned how to hold our breath easily up to
4min, feel relaxed under water, know better our body, increase our lungs
capacity and feel safe in the ocean. Freedive techniques in the pool: static
and Dynamic.


Kurt Obermeyer: Truly helpful. Technique is so key and Marina makes it

Will Obermeyer: It helped me to stretch out my diaphragm and helped me
to stay under the water longer.

Allyson Goddard dive instructor: An honor to learn from someone with
such amazing achievements. Marina is inspiring, encouraging, and professional.
I feel ten x's more comfortable underwater holding my breath.

Michael Glockner: It is great!

Join us for "learn to freedive" and Basic Freediving Course in DiveNsurf

01.23.16-01.24.16 2