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I love Australia with all its beauty, fantastic nature and friendly people!) To do my workshop in Brisbane with an international team ready for the competition is a great pleasure!) Australia, NZ, Singapore, France, South Africa, Kuwait, Russia, all this counties together in love with freediving.


As usual we make the list of expectations before the workshop. Here it is: "Learn smth new, balanced approach, relaxation, mental preparation before maximum dive, building confidence, static, focus, confidence to achieve pb."

21-22.11.15 Брисбен 1We played a lot, I think that the best way to learn new information is to play, like kids do, and to be curious about ourselves and the world, in this way we are always relaxed and full of energy!) We tried some psychological techniques and applied them in the water. Dynamic, static, dynamic no fins were more relaxed and easier than usual, static time in the comfort zone, without
struggling and suffering just feeling the pleasure of the contact with the water and yourself, was growing up from one breath hold to another. Here are the results:

Leigh. 2.40; 2.50; 3.09

Lewis 2.45; 4.12; 4.45

Michelle 2.45; 3.30; 4.00

Wybrand 1.15; 2.24; 2.37

Azam 1.50; 3.03; 3.37

Fred 2.50; 3.30; 4.04

Mariam 2.30; 3.20, 3.24

Abdull 2.07; 2.02; 1.37

What can say better about the workshop if not the feedback of the participants!) here it is: I am more focused now. I should work in my kicking and practice more. Mariam

I really enjoyed the course and learning a new way to be relaxed but focused at the same. I was stoked to find another level of relaxation and joy in my dives. Lewis Jones

I think a lot and I think the course really helped me by providing techniques to get my mind clear before I start with my dive/apnea... I am planning on also applying some of the techniques learned (especially defocussing) to my everyday work life etc. Thank you for a wonderful course - highly recommended. Wybrand du Toit

Deconcentration was a new concept for me , especially the different types. It 's a different mindset, but feels really good!It will take some practice to be able to incorporate it into all my dives but i can definitely see how it will be extremely helpful. Michelle Ooi21-22.11.15 Брисбен 2

- Not chasing numbers, enjoy the dive and see what's possible.

- I have been d-concentration at the start of a dive bit lost it straight away.

- With the exercises I was able to maintain the enjoyment and relaxed feeling through the dives.

- Can't wait to put it into practice this week at pan pacs.

Leigh Woolley

I was such good experience to me controlling my breath constraining more in relaxing my body.

Static experience has added more value to my knowledge by focusing in breath control.

Unfortunately could not last long with the training due to the lack of sleep . But over all I would say this is the right method of training in free dive. Abdullah Alfailakawi

Good experience for first time introduced to deconcentration. A very good technique to apply in freediving for a more relaxed, controlled and safe dive. Good approach by instructor Marina Kazankova ..... Azam Hamid

Learnt new concepts like 'deconcentration' and 'finding pleasure in the contraction', and good breathing exercises. Just need to put this into practice now! Frederic Maire

Thank you all for this workshop, especially Leigh Wooley for organization!) I enjoyed your company and your progresses!)

I wish you all an awesome competition!) A big hug full of love and D-concentration!)))

21-22.11.15 Брисбен 3Great results in the competition!
After the workshop of psychological preparation by Marina Kazankova took place the international competition in Brisban and here are amazing results of the participants of the workshop:

Leigh Woolley 5.02 W easy static
Lewis Jones 5:55 competition PB
Azam Hamid : 5:29 NR & PB
Mariam Alqattan 3:37 W
Michelle Oii 4:37 W /
Frais Derrick (Fred) - competition pb

Leigh 184m W PB NR best feeling dive ever thankyou!!
Lewis 126 W
Azam 88 W
Mariam 41 W NR
Michelle 85 W PB NR
Frais 106 W PB

Leigh 151
Lewis 172 W
Azam. 128m DQBO
Mariam 71W NR
Michelle PB NR
Frais 174m R
So happy for you and my best congratulations!) keep training and be happy!)
Next workshop Brisban 7-8.12.15

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