Resume Marina Kazankova

11328 Magnolia blvd North Hollywood 91601 Ca

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cell: (310) 525-7719

Professional Skills:

Free Diving Instructor with 12 years of proven professional experience, World Champion and World Record holder, Professional Psychologist (MS in Sport Psychology).  Outstanding personality. Excellent team player.

Fluent in English, Italian, and Russian. Speaks German, French, and Spanish.


2004 СMAS Certification Free Diver Instructor

2004 FIPSAS Certification Free Diver Instructor

2004 NASE Certification Free Diver Instructor - Trainer

2009-2014 Moscow Psychology and Teaching University  MS in Sport Psychology

2012 Free Diving Federation Free Diver Instructor


2004 CMAS absolute record in Jump Blue

2004 World Champion in Jump Blue

2014 AIDA World Champion

2005-2007 sponsored by Mares

2008-2009 sponsored by Cressy 

2014-2015 sponsored by Banca Intesa

Experience as Free Diving Instructor 2004-2016:

Brisbane (Australia) Freedivers

Rome (Italy): for Freedivers Italia, Apneafree

Sardinia (Italy): Blue World

Padova (Italy): Y-40

Briansk (Russia): Skat

Moscow (Russia): Freediving Federation

St Pitersberg (Russia): Barbdive

Ekaterinburg (Russia): Deti-okeana

Novokuznezk (Russia): Freediving Federation

Bali (Indonesia): Freediving Federation

Dubai (OAE): The Freediving club

Roatan (Honduras): Caribbean cup

New Caledonia: government

Croatia: Freediving Federation

Dahab (Egypt): Freediving Federation


(Direct contact information available upon request)

Alexey Molchanov President Freediving Federation, AIDA Russia

Marco Cosentino President Freedivers Italia

Antonio Cavallo President Apneafree Italia

Riccardo Mura President Blue World Italia

Marco Mardollo President Y-40 The Deep Joy Italia (deepest pool in the world -42m)

Artem Romanov President Skat Russia

Sergey Kornilov President Barbdive Russia

Zoa Golovnia President Deti-okeana Russia

Leigh Woolley President Australia Freedivers

Amro Dabah President The Freediving club

Esteban Darhanpe President Caribbean cup