“Longest time to hold the bridge pose (yoga) freediving” by Marina Kazankova!



It’s my 4 th Guinness Record Attempt! The previous 3:

2016 The Longest Underwater Swim in Open Water (Bonaire)

2017 The Longest Underwater Walk (Dubai)

2018 The Longest Underwater Dance on One Breath (Y-40) were validated with Guinness certificates. We need to wait till Guinness will review videos from 3 cameras, witnesses and timekeepers statements, to know the destiny of the 4th.



The goal is to hold the bridge pose (yoga) over 3 minutes under water holding my breath!  I love Y-40, it’s my favorite place for my workshops of Psychological Preparation and Records! So it’s the best place for the Record! I have my students to assist with everything, I feel so safe and relaxed, we are a great team! Ones in the water I start to feel that my heart rate is too high and strong, I’m exited about the Record, maybe too much exited! My father ( Pavel) is making the count back and my daughter Angelica is in the water supporting me. 3 gopros, 2 professional cameras are ready to shoot. I try to calm down, to exhale my emotions! My techniques oh Psychological Preparation are helping me a lot! Last huge breath, 30 pack and I start to fell down to the space shuttle, that is situated at the bottom of Y-40! The top part of it, where I’m doing my Record Attempt is a bit deeper then 5 m. I’m felling down with 4kg weights at my chest, but the trajectory is wrong and I need to correct it with 3 strong strokes, loosing my precious oxygen. 22 seconds spent to set in the position: feet, shoulders and arms on the ground, diagonal from shoulders to knees. 22 precious seconds! I start a journey inside myself. My hips, legs, back, diaframma, arms and hands are in tension, consuming oxygen! I hear my recorded voice describing my feelings, it relaxes me and makes me feel at home! I understand that all the people who came to watch me, my friends and my students are here to support me! To help me to inspire people to live their lives, to follow their dreams, to have courage to be happy!

It’s so wonderful to have a team, to feel support, to be all together!



Contractions have started and I play to relax them! Different thoughts are trying to enter I’m my mind but I send them away with deconcentration. Contractions are growing stronger, now the audience can see it. I’m relaxing as much as I can! My mind start to become foggy! It’s time to go up! I open the belt with weights, the time of the Attempt stops as soon as I raise my hands, but I still need to go up. I use my legs and fly towards the surface! How tasty is my first inhalation! I breath and breath and breath! My safety diver Andrey is checking that I am OK! My cameramen Evgeniy Shaman and Manfred Bortoli are shooting the happy final!

I’ve held Bridge position for 4.28 min, and my total time of the dive was 4.53 min.

I’m so grateful to live my life, to have my beloved close to me, to have my friends and students that support me, thank you everybody for this wonderful experience!

And my 10 year old daughter Angelica made me a present of reaching 15m depth! The 3rd generation of freedivers Kazankova in action!