Very interestingly one of the other dancers mentioned how our cells react to the environment and other people around us.

That is what the workshop represented to me. Whilst it is great to understand ones own rhythms being a part of a collective consciousness is more powerful.

I learnt to trust, to lead, to follow, to adapt, to not pre empt and to share and ultimately let go.

The connection with others in the room was pivotal to the experience in times where social boundaries are being implemented more than ever, to still embrace consensual human connection is key. Simply holding hands and then looking at ones own reflection without judging or pouting made sense.

My favourite part was the warm up the freeing and releasing before beginning the waltz. It was great to have had a knowledge of many different types of dance, martial arts and diving as it informed the movement and breathing.

Thank you Benny and Marina for an insightful and joyous workshop.

I found myself doing a little morning dance this am and that has not happened since I was kid.



* * *



Thank you both for such a rewarding experience full of lessons 😊🌟🌸💐🌻and thanks to the rest of the group, specially the ones I couldn't say good bye properly😘😘😘😘😘

My emotions are that the workshop has surprised and made me enjoy enormously. The power of the games and experiments we all take part during the weekend and the feedback from everyone has been priceless. I have danced, feel, understood and played so it's time to embrace the experience and grow from it!



* * *



Marina and Benny! Thank you so much for your workshop! I really enjoyed it a lot!!!

Already looking forward for your new workshop! I would be the first one in the queue!

Kind regards



* * *



It was eyes opening workshop! How everyone’s personality reflected in their dance movements. As Benny said “we may lie to ourselves or others, but our body doesn’t know how to lie”. As an attendee of many salsa congresses I should say that every dance congress should include such a workshop. I would say if the dancer - beginner or advance - wants to rise their dance level to a higher one, they should attend this workshop. I think it was magnificent to see how these two artists unified such a different level of the dancers, who found the answers how to improve their dance and even personal life. Many thanks again to both of you! Xxx



* * *



Thank you my dear Friends! I enjoyed so much learning with you, from you, discovering the secrets of our reactions, of our lives, seeing the progress of everyone, your wonderful eyes full of curiosity and joy! Thank you Evgeniy for the “Deep Dance Connection”! 👏🤗



* * *



The workshop was a lot of fun and at the same time allowed to look more deeply in such an important issue as relationships, with oneself and others. The group was awesome! Great thanks to Benny and Marina for insights! 🙏😘 Лили