Guinness World Record Attempt for the Longest Underwater Dance (free diving) was made in the deepest pool in the World Y-40!

Wonderful event, Christmas present to the World from the Actress, World Champion Freediver, Guinness Record Holder, Psychologist Marina Kazankova and Freediver, Artist, Designer Dmitrij Malasenko!



Y-40 was full of freedivers, divers in the water and audience in the tunnel and looking through huge windows to see the show!)



We were very emotional and happy to see so many viewers all around! Emotions from the Record + Emotions from the Show = double Emotions!) We worked a lot with Psychological Preparation that Marina teaches around the world to relax and slow down the heart rate!)

To make the show even more spectacular we decided to dance not on the dancing floor but on the rope! It’s not that easy to keep the balance on the rope also under the water!)

I had a wonderful coral dress, thought and made especially for the Record by talented designer Olla Makeeva, the color and the silk was chosen to give the effect of the flow under the water,



Dmitrij had the shirt matching the dress, on the top 2 capes, swords ⚔, covered by capes and black and white Mares masked.

Our theatrical show had the script and the music for it made by Omura that helped us a lot to synchronize our movements! The music was inside and outside the water! We went down and it started a bit later!



The performance was so amazing and beautiful, the audience was admiring and applauding, that instead of 3.15 how it was planned, it lasted 3.28!) Art and freediving went together to bring harmony to the world and to show the people that freediving is not an extreme sport only for champions but a wonderful way to express ourselves, to feel the peace in our hearts and to love the Universe!



Photos Denys Rylov @artofuw.agency



Underwater Video Manfred Bortoli 

Video and editing Federico Ferioli