Why do I do 1 Guinness Record a Year?)

Since I was a little kid I love the inner and outside harmony!) My job is an actress, the perfect way to have a huge experience to live different lives and to give feelings and emotions to the audience.



My passion is freediving ... where inner peace connects with constant training and we get the harmony and the perfection of the performance!



Being a World Champion means to have responsibility to inspire people to live fully their lives and to be happy and healthy! That’s what I am doing with my workshops of Psychological Preparation around the world and Guinness Records.



I want to show that our dreams come true if we are courageous enough to dream and to go for the realization of our dreams!) So I am making 1 Guinness Record a year since 2016.



My first Guinness Record was The World’s longest underwater swim in open waters on one breath in Bonaire. In 2017 The longest underwater walk on one breath in Dubai mall aquarium surrounded by sharks at the depth of 12m.

You can see those records on the Record page


And my YouTube Channel http://youtube.com/c/MarinaKazankova5

My 2018 Guinness Record attempt connects freediving and dancing! It’ll be a beautiful performance of the longest couple underwater dance in the world! Performed by Marina Kazankova and Dmitrijs Malasenko ( Freediver, Artist). Music, costumes, choreography under the water will transform the record into a Fairytale. The music was written especially for the record by extremely talented Omura https://youtu.be/Yn2qlWBNxWg

When 29.12.18 19.00

Where Y-40 the deepest pool in the world

Come see us in Y-40 or watch life streaming on Insta https://www.instagram.com/marinakazankova/

and FB  fhttps://m.facebook.com/marina.kazankova.16?fref=nf

Do you like Guinness Records? Have you ever think to make one? What Guinness Record Attempt would you suggest me to set in 2019?) I would love to read about it in the comments!