Freediving Basic Course in French Alps! Chamonix
Your basic course is going in Alps!
How said that you can’t learn to freedive in the mountains? Of course you can!)

We will wake up in the morning listening to birds singing with the wonderful veiw of the highest mountain of Europe Montblanc and hike. Raspberries and blueberries will be our energy boosts along our path!) We will listen to jazz concerts on the top of the mountains with the glaciers participating in it. Right after we’ll make our breathing exercises with fresh healthy air and discover freediving basic theory before our descent to Chamonix and freedive in 50m pool.
Wide range of accommodation from camping to 5 stars hotel.
Every day we’ll discover a new mountain and listen to a new concert of well known jazz bands from all around the world.
Alps hikes will full-fill as with energy, jazz will give joy to our hearts and freediving will teach us to be present, to listen to our heart and to wash away all the stress!
Wellcome to our freediving basic course and jazz festival in the Alps