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I'm on my way home from Marina Kazankova's workshop on De-concentration attention and I must say that it was a very useful and interesting introduction to the techniques she teaches.

Like all such tools, you will not master it in three hours but the exercises and additional techniques Marina presents will certainly help get you started.

It was a relatively small group, about eight Freedivers, which Marina did a great job of not only teaching us as a group but we also got individual feedback that was shared with the group so we could learn from each other too.

My goal for the session was to find something that will quieten my inner dialogue and, for the short periods that I managed to attain the state of de-concentration, I believe it helped me to relax into and enjoy the DNF dives where I was attempting to utilise these techniques.

Thanks again to Marina and also Jean-fabrice Detard for organising the session. ?