10-14.06.17 we had our international workshop in the warmers and safest waters of Y-40. Russia, Italy, Australia, Poland participated in it!) So many PBs (Personal Bests) in only 5 days!

Starting from 0m and no experience in Freediving, going to 15m, falling in love with it and getting ready for the basic course, starting from 0m and arriving to 29m using psychological techniques, from 6m to 35m with a wonderful control and relaxation and other great results that came by themselves without looking for results, just pleasure and relaxation.

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Competing Marina's workshop was such a pleasurable experience.. she teaches with so much passion its so easy to become motivated to want more of her experience. Marina's motivation has taken me from a first time freediver to being able to acheive 29meters in 5 days. I have taken away not only valuable lessons in freediving but something to use in my everyday life. A truly life changing experience. Thank you Marina! Brendan


Marina thank you very much for the beautiful workshop! It's not that often you can meet such a positive and joyful teacher. I loved the process of our immersion in meditation with deconcentration. Depth showed to be insidious and welcoming at the same time. It's pleasant to discover your possibilities and feel where is better to stop at the moment. Slava


Marina's workshop was even more than I expected! She is a wonderful person bringing peace and understanding of the water and ourselves. One of the best experience since I started freediving. Thank you! Diana


Before i come to the course I was skeptical about my first free dive experience because I had not finished a basic course and did not know practical nothing about free dive. But it has changed my mind completely and I could say I was lucky to have such a
great way learning free dive with our teacher Marina who gave us so much comfort and relax technic. It is a great and very relax place with wonderful people and our teacher. After this experience I hope I could continue be a part of amazing free dive world. Because you can see not just a wonderful underwater world but also feel your inner side of body and mind. Thanks a lot! Tatiana


Marina performed great analysis of the mistakes and provided useful suggestions. Gabriela

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