We had 2 beautiful days of different psychological techniques, breathing exercises,
stretching and meditations!) Beautiful company and plenty of pleasant emotions!) Thanks to Apnea Pirates Yuriy Rakhmatullin for the organization! Thank you all for being so receiving and attentive and make in happen in the best way

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It has been an amazing experience for me with Marina. I learned a lot new things about my self as well i want to discover
More about Freediving. Thank you so much and will see you again for the next courses.

Olla Makeeva


Many thanks for the course, New knowledge and feelings. I will gladly practice new techniques in future. With impatience I will wait for the next course.

Olga Blinova


To get the love back for being in the water and just enjoying the moment means a lot. To help relax, de stress and stop my internal dialogue is something i have learnt and will continue to work on. Marina is a great teacher, calm and positive and it is great to be able to learn from her.

Carly Athawes


Thank u
very much to sharing all informations. It was very valuable for me. I learnt a lot I like the way u were teaching and then asking our feedbacks and feelings and always made sure everybody understood all. Wish uu all the best and see u soon.

Nima Safa


I was so lucky that i could manage it and not miss that workshop, it's add value and improve my freediving skills, I'm looking forward for next workshop and benefits from your experience, relaxation playing a main rule for freediving, i still have a lot to improve. Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

Bassel Ounah

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