With living life in todays fast paced world. We quickly forget to take the time to breathe and look into each others eyes to appreciate and feel the energy of nature within.

The workshop will conduct classes on controlled breathing and focusing techniques to better balance yourself in todays hectic high stress juggling act of work and family life.

 Classes will not be in a room but in the great outdoors in the open arms of nature to have a more fullfilling experience.You will experience walks in the alpin mountains taking the mountain fresh air also stretching and meditation. Enjoying every single moment of your life, looking for your internal peace, happiness and love.

The Chamonix international Jazz festival is on as well so a day of relaxing in the mountians listening to the pleasures of heart and soul warming Jazz is an experience not to be missed.

The program for everyday is: sunrise wake up, breathing exercises, stretching, meditation, psychological techniques, breakfast, hiking to the Jazz festival ground (every day new place), laying down after 2-3h walk and listening to a wonderful Jazz concert, lunch, relax, exercises, meditation, hiking in Alps. In the evening we can go in centre ville to listen more Jazz.

Breathing and feeling each inhale and exhale, exercising and feeling each mussel and heart, eating and feeling the flavor, swimming and feeling the water all over your body, listening to your inner silence...

We can also freedive in 50m pool.

Sign in, only some places are still available!)

And right after we are going for the Workshop of Psychological Preparation and Depth in Portofino 31.07-4.08