Great party in Hollywood to present The Guinness Record Attempt of horizontal dynamic in the ocean of male and female World Champion Freedivers Marina Kazankova and Carlos Coste. Everybody in white to support the athletes.

Marina performed in the pool of W Hotel, freediving in mermaid costume with beauty and grace. Everybody were shoked by the human capacity to hold breath under water.

Welcome to support us and have a unique wonderful underwater party after the attempt in September 10, Bonaire. To prepare yourself for the party you can join freediving course in Bonaire with Carlos Coste

and workshops of psychological preparation for freediving, sports and competition with Marina Kazankova

25.06-29.06 Key West (USA)

30.06-2.07 Miami (USA)

7.07-8.07 Munich (Germany)

9.07-10.07 Moscow (Russia)

25.07-29.07 Elba (Italy)

4.09-5.09 Bonaire

We have still few spots for sponsors.