We are shooting a wonderful tv program about the beauty of the reef for National Geographic! Thank you Greg Grainger for creating this tv show and finding the best crew!

It's the first day on the pontoon! A platform in the middle of the ocean where we are going to spend 5 days. Beautiful experience of underwater flight in the horizontal ocean waterfall!) with the low tight the water goes down, but the coral traps it and there are only tiny channels where it can pass down, and this channels become waterfalls that you can dive from the top to the bottom in a very high speed flying over the corals with small fishes that are having fun with this roller coast too!))) Freedom, ocean, speed, happiness, harmony!)
After the sunset full moon appeared and 2 Giant Groopers more than 2 meters each came to the pontoon! I swam with them and felt a big respect and desire to keep distance with these enormous fishes.