Brisbane, Australia!

21-22 november, 7-8 december


The dry and underwater training exercises based on DE concentration,relaxation and meditation helps to feel the pleasure from training and life, improving sports results, increasing self-esteem and activating the personal self. Who is it for the stage? Freedivers, who want to train with pleasure and greatly improve sports results through total control of their sports performance. To have more contact with themselves and to evoid blackouts.

Divers, who want to feel more secure and safer underwater. Ordinary people who want to increase their self-esteem. Author of the program Marina Kazankova, actress of film and theatre in Russia and Italy. World champion of freediving, sports psychologist, freedive instructor. With her workshops and artwork Marina inspires people to head towards happiness, love, understanding of themselves, others and the world. Afford to dream and their dreams come true. Transform obstacles into opportunities. Go ahead with the lightness and smile. Knowing admire and wonder, breathe and live in harmony.

What DE concentration is, why and when you need it, how it helps us? Psychological preparation, motivation. Anxious before the competitions, how to transform it in energy?) Preparatory exercises for DE concentration. Visual DE concentration Visual 3d DE concentration Audio DE concentration Somatic DE concentration

Report on Dubai's workshop 3-4.03.2015

This workshop will teach dry and underwater training exercises, which will improve atheletic and personal performance through relaxation and achieving a meditative state.

Great for freedivers, scuba divers, swimmers, athletes, or anyone who wants to learn relaxation techniques, feel more comfortable in the water and improve personal awareness.

The author of the program, Marina Kazankova, is a world champion freediver, sports psychologist and
freediving instructor.

Schedule for each day:
1 hour of theory
1-1.5 hour of practice out of the water
1-1.5 hour of breathing exercises in the pool
1 hour of debriefing

What to bring:
Yoga or exercise mat (optional)
Mask and fins
Bottle of water

Price: $140USD (plus a little for lane hire) per person, exact pricing to follow.

Course is expected to run from approx 16:00 to 20:00 Monday and Tuesday.