novogodnijj-tur-na-gavajji-nedelya-v-rayu 1Freedive Paradise is pleased to announce that one of Russia's top competitors, Marina Kazankova, will be joining us for the competition in August! Marina is an Italian/Russian actress, freediving world champion and instructor, and sports psychologist. At the Caribbean Cup Freediving Competition last month Kurt and Mandy took advantage of the opportunity to join Marina's workshop on psychological preparation for freediving and competition. Since Marina is now based in LA to pursue acting, we convinced her to make the short hop over to Hawai'i to share her knowledge with the rest of the dive community here!

Opportunities to learn about psychological elements of freediving such as meditation and yoga are almost nonexistent in Hawai'i. I became especially interested in this aspect of freediving on hearing of Natalia Molchanova's 'deconcentration' techniques (, which is apparently utilized by many of the top Russian athletes. This is one of several valuable topics Marina addresses in her workshop!

Marina's impressive performances in recent competitions demonstrate her prowess at managing the mind in competitive circumstances. But now she is carrying her enlightenment to her performances in a different arena, as that of an actress in Hollywood. Here she is performing the longest breath-hold ever in a music video! (

Marina will be offering her workshop in Kona August 18 - 20, the days preceding the competition, so that competitors may practice and take advantage of their newfound mental techniques during the comp. But her workshop will be open to non-competitors as well! Please send us or Marina a message to request her workshop outline, and to otherwise ask any questions or reserve your spot!