photo kelly reiter 2Authenticity is the key to connection. You must know how to use your voice to communicate your intention. In order to align your intention with your speech, you have to know how to breathe. Your breath is the foundation of your message.

Kelly Carranza (The Speech Trainer) is proud to introduce world-renowned free-diver Marina Kazankova to the team. An expert at breath control, she provides a student-centered, engaging and intimate workshop to those who are prepared to explore the power of breathing. We call the workshop Breath Power. We meet every Friday, 12:00 - 2:00pm under the clock at the pier on Manhattan Beach.

Here's what some of last week's participants had to say about the workshop:
"Thank you for sharing these powerful and simple techniques for cleansing, connecting, and strengthening all parts of the breath cycle!"
"I feel more alive with greater awareness of my own body's capacity. Thank you for such an interesting and powerful workshop!"

Please join us this Friday to explore your potential as a public speaker and to expertly configure your voice for what you want to express.