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Sponsorship Level Marina


В купальнике


Goodmorning World!
This morning I woke up happy! Really Happy! And I want to share this happiness with you! I want all of as to open our eyes and to feel how beautiful is to live on this Earth! To hear the birds and the heart singing! To be alive! To dream and to let our dreams come true! To feel protected and curious about surprises that our life prepare for us! Everything that happens to us has it's own reason, that sometimes we can't understand at the beginning! We think why is it happening to me? Why should I suffer? Actually, there is no reason to suffer, no matter what! There is only the reason to be happy and take it easy, like an interesting game! To play with yourself and the world like kids do, to breath and to find your way! Just look for your way to self-realization and happiness and help others! Love!

Workshop of psychological preparation for freediving, sports and competitions.

Each workshop has it's own soul! This one had a very special soul full of love and friendship! Meditations and psychological techniques were so powerful and relaxing made all together. I had an insite during our sound deconcentration. I learn so much from my talented students!

Miami 06.30-07.02 2 2

Claire, Ricardo, Hugo, Alexey are all pearls of people with so many talents and it was my greatest pleasure to see how they feel and use the knowledge they've got at the workshop. The final freedive in the ocean close to Miami was so relaxing and happy for each of us! I'll be back to Miami soon for a new workshop! Already missing you!


I wanted to find the signal to stop my dive. The relaxation and de-concentration allowed me to listen to my body during my dive and connect with my signal

Сlaire National Record Holder:

I am never 100% into my dives and i wanted to find a way to be in the moment. The "tumbling-massage" exercise in the pool made me feel like nothing else matters and enjoy the moment. Just like when I was a little kid and playing around in the water. Also learned to see internally and this is really a revelation that i will take in all my dives and in life. Merci!!


It was outstanding course. We were given one-on-one attention. The suggested mediation techniques improved my performance and enjoyment of freediving. I was very satisfied with the course and highly recommend it for any freediver. 

Miami 06.30-07.02 2 1

Miami 06.30-07.02 3



Today was the last day of Mermaid/Freediving camp at Key West! We had fantastic time! Get a lot of useful skills! Tried pool freediving with and without monofin, deep diving in the ocean, coral diving, boat driving, underwater games, mermaid yoga and fantastic company! Thank you @Elenannoshi for organization, @christinanovichenko for morning yoga and mermaid classes, @jacksavas for taking care of us, feeding and helping with everything!
All the students did great progress and it was my please to spend time with you!

Key West

kids are so natural in the water and they are awesome freedivers! It makes you smile just to see their joy under water! enjoy this video made by Sean Ryan at...


Great party in Hollywood to present The Guinness Record Attempt of horizontal dynamic in the ocean of male and female World Champion Freedivers Marina Kazankova and Carlos Coste. Everybody in white to support the athletes.

Marina performed in the pool of W Hotel, freediving in mermaid costume with beauty and grace. Everybody were shoked by the human capacity to hold breath under water.

Welcome to support us and have a unique wonderful underwater party after the attempt in September 10, Bonaire. To prepare yourself for the party you can join freediving course in Bonaire with Carlos Coste

and workshops of psychological preparation for freediving, sports and competition with Marina Kazankova

25.06-29.06 Key West (USA)

30.06-2.07 Miami (USA)

7.07-8.07 Munich (Germany)

9.07-10.07 Moscow (Russia)

25.07-29.07 Elba (Italy)

4.09-5.09 Bonaire

We have still few spots for sponsors.

Beautiful family camp with great families! Thank you @IrinaEfremova for organization! We had the best time! 1st time in my life we’ve got a real painting of my workshop! Thanks to our artist @VadimDerkach


 Реклама курсов 2

Реклама курсов 1


The purpose of this workshop is to improve performances, to feel the joy of training and to activate personal self-realization.The program has based on deconcentration exercises, relaxation and meditation and will be carried out during dry land sessions and sea sessions.The stage has 5 days duration.


To all freedivers who want to enjoy training and greatly improve their performances. To all people who want to increase proper self-esteem.    


-What deconcentration is, when and how it helps;

-Psychological preparation and motivation;

-Exercise for deconcentration;

-Visual deconcentration;

-Visual deconcentration 3d;

-Audio deconcentration;

-Breathing exercise;



Elba Island at KATABASIS Freediving Center – FM 25th TO 29th JULY 2016


Authoress of Marina Kazankova program, Actress of stage and screen in Russia and Italy. Freediving world Champion, Sports Psychology, Freediving Instructor. With her stages and work art Marina inspires people to head towards happiness and to understand better each other and the world, to afford dreams and to have your dreams, to transform obstacles into possibility. To go ahead with the lightness and smile. To know admire and magnificent, to breath and live in harmony.


08:00 – 08:30 Breakfast

08:30 – 10:00 Dry session

10:00 – 13:00 Sea session

13:00 – 14:00 Lunch

14:00 – 15:00 Debriefing

The program is subject to variation according to organizational needs and weather conditions




Fm Monday 25th to Friday 29th



€ 500 + € 30 KATABASIS



Package Stage +Hostel + full


Fm Sunday 24th to Saturday


6 nights



€ 780 + € 30 KATABASIS




For more information and sing up 

Being much more confident in the water takes skill and determination.

Increasing your breathing capabilities is second to none when you're a waterman!

Dive N' Surf is proud to introduce World Champion Freediver Marina Kazankovaarina Kazankova! Starting this Saturday, she'll be conducting her Underwater Training Courses in our indoor heated pool! These courses are designed to improve one's athletic & personal performance in the water; but more importantly, developing confidence and improving one's safety.

This Course will:

Improve your breathe control, stress response, equalization, static and dynamic (with fins and no fins) techniques and self awareness.

A final exam will be conducted and you'll be receiving a certification of completion.

Space is very limited and early registration is highly recommended.

Please note that one should have comfortable clothes for breathing exercises and stretching, bathing suit , mask, fins.

Волк под водой

Get your spot reserved for April 2-4 or April 8-10. 3 days of breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and other methods to greatly improve your sports results... apply it to freediving, spearfishing, all sports and everyday life! Call Kona Freedivers at 808-324-4668 to sign up, spots are going quickly!


Сёрф-команды - копия

Just finished our work shop "Freediving for South High Surf Team" with fantastic results! Guys doubbled their time of breath hold and feel really safe in the ocean!
Great job everybody! I loved train you! Welcome to the Freediving Basic Course starting 03.26; 03.27 at Diven'Surf!

Сёрф-команды - копия

2nd day of workshop with South High school surf team at DiveN'Surf!
How to be safe under big waves!
Great job guys!
Doubled their time of breath hold already!
Thank you Greg Browning, Body glove & DiveNsurf

Просто риф

My dear Friends!)
I'm happy to invite you to the presentation of our new tv show for National Geographic "The Greatest Reef. Freediver's Quest", to discover together unbelievable beauty of the ocean and it's creatures and to share love for freediving and our beautiful planet!
When: January 12, 2016 7pm-9pm.
Where: 2nd Half Sports Grill
516 N. Sepulveda Blvd., Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
P: 310.372.4343
I'll be so glad to see you on this event!)

Merry Christmas my dear friends!) I wish you to be healthy and happy, to have the heart full of Love, to share your best emotions with the Universe, to feel that all fears and dark thoughts fly away and the dreams come true!
With all my Love!)

Риф 23

Hi guys!) Christmas surprise!)
I'm organizing freediving basic course to start from 01.12 every Tuesday for 6 weeks 5-8pm, only 5 people for the course! The pool in Culver city. 1 hour theory, 1 hour breathing techniques, 1 hour pool training every session. With final exam and certification. Contact me if you are interested!) I'd love to share all my best experience with you!)




We are shooting a wonderful tv program about the beauty of the reef for National Geographic! Thank you Greg Grainger for creating this tv show and finding the best crew!

It's the first day on the pontoon! A platform in the middle of the ocean where we are going to spend 5 days. Beautiful experience of underwater flight in the horizontal ocean waterfall!) with the low tight the water goes down, but the coral traps it and there are only tiny channels where it can pass down, and this channels become waterfalls that you can dive from the top to the bottom in a very high speed flying over the corals with small fishes that are having fun with this roller coast too!))) Freedom, ocean, speed, happiness, harmony!)
After the sunset full moon appeared and 2 Giant Groopers more than 2 meters each came to the pontoon! I swam with them and felt a big respect and desire to keep distance with these enormous fishes.


Brisbane, Australia!

21-22 november, 7-8 december


The dry and underwater training exercises based on DE concentration,relaxation and meditation helps to feel the pleasure from training and life, improving sports results, increasing self-esteem and activating the personal self. Who is it for the stage? Freedivers, who want to train with pleasure and greatly improve sports results through total control of their sports performance. To have more contact with themselves and to evoid blackouts.

Divers, who want to feel more secure and safer underwater. Ordinary people who want to increase their self-esteem. Author of the program Marina Kazankova, actress of film and theatre in Russia and Italy. World champion of freediving, sports psychologist, freedive instructor. With her workshops and artwork Marina inspires people to head towards happiness, love, understanding of themselves, others and the world. Afford to dream and their dreams come true. Transform obstacles into opportunities. Go ahead with the lightness and smile. Knowing admire and wonder, breathe and live in harmony.

What DE concentration is, why and when you need it, how it helps us? Psychological preparation, motivation. Anxious before the competitions, how to transform it in energy?) Preparatory exercises for DE concentration. Visual DE concentration Visual 3d DE concentration Audio DE concentration Somatic DE concentration

Report on Dubai's workshop 3-4.03.2015

This workshop will teach dry and underwater training exercises, which will improve atheletic and personal performance through relaxation and achieving a meditative state.

Great for freedivers, scuba divers, swimmers, athletes, or anyone who wants to learn relaxation techniques, feel more comfortable in the water and improve personal awareness.

The author of the program, Marina Kazankova, is a world champion freediver, sports psychologist and
freediving instructor.

Schedule for each day:
1 hour of theory
1-1.5 hour of practice out of the water
1-1.5 hour of breathing exercises in the pool
1 hour of debriefing

What to bring:
Yoga or exercise mat (optional)
Mask and fins
Bottle of water

Price: $140USD (plus a little for lane hire) per person, exact pricing to follow.

Course is expected to run from approx 16:00 to 20:00 Monday and Tuesday.

"The 2-day seminar with Marina was incredible. After learning a few great relaxation techniques I was able to hold my breath for over 3 minutes in static apnea. And it was very effortless, without having any contractions or discomfort. I never thought it would be possible after such a short training! Marinochka, thank you for opening a whole new world of possibilities to us!"

It opened my mind more to the benefits of meditation in general. That aspect of it was great and I enjoyed it. You are very patient and your calm/relaxed attitude was suited perfectly for what we did.



12072548 1145527885475938 8834175091717973300 n2 days, 4-5 hours each day

Laguna Niguel, California – October 24 (Saturday) and  Oktober 31 (Saturday), 11:30am - 4:30pm (light lunch provided)

This workshop will feature dry and underwater training exercises, which will improve your athletic and personal performance through relaxation and achieving a meditative state.

Great for scuba divers, swimmers, athletes, or anyone who wants to learn relaxation techniques, feel more comfortable in the water and improve personal awareness.

The author of the program, Marina Kazankova, is a world champion freediver, sports psychologist and freediving instructor.

Schedule for each day:
1 hour of theory and light lunch
1-1.5 hour of practice out of the water
1-1.5 hour of breathing exercises in the pool
1 hour of debriefing

What to bring:
Swimsuit, towel, and sunscreen
Yoga or exercise mat (optional)
Mask and fins
Bottle of water

Price: $140 per person

For additional information contact Marina at (310) 525-7719 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


IMG 2569

1st day of workshop of psychological preparation for immersion.
I'm really happy to have the possibility to share my loved techniques with my loved persons in my loved city)