Workshop is open for beginners and experts


We’ll work with psychological techniques of deconcentration, deep relaxation and self presence, acceptance, curiosity, movement meditation. To go deeper, relax and control better and live happier!



14.00-14.30 meeting briefing

14.30-16.00 dry practice

16.30-18.00 pool training


9.00-11.00 dry practice

11.30-13.30 pool training





- If you have Fear of...

- If you want to be healthy and happy in any situation

- If you want to see the crisis like the possibility for self realization

- If you want to have harmonic relationship with your loved

- If you want to create your life


We’ll work with any issues and progress in the right direction of your life!


WhatsApp: +7 915 286 4019

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Live event via Zoom ( register here ( I need phone numbers to put in psy-free WhatsApp group where I post the link at the day of the event)




Our day starts with sunrise, we hope on the boat and go for Whales scouting across the warm Indian Ocean (30C), the sun is razing while we start to see fountains in the water, then tails appear and the heart start beating high! They are so graceful and wonderful! We admire whales from the boat getting closer and jump in the water with attention and love towards those big mammals! Watch them in the water, swim with them and freedive together! The feeling of being the one with the Universe!




“Longest time to hold the bridge pose (yoga) freediving” by Marina Kazankova!



It’s my 4 th Guinness Record Attempt! The previous 3:

2016 The Longest Underwater Swim in Open Water (Bonaire)

2017 The Longest Underwater Walk (Dubai)

2018 The Longest Underwater Dance on One Breath (Y-40) were validated with Guinness certificates. We need to wait till Guinness will review videos from 3 cameras, witnesses and timekeepers statements, to know the destiny of the 4th.




Dear Marina!

Thank you for the feedback and for your wonderful workshop.

On Sunday we had our national pool championship and I followed your advice. I deconcentrated before and during the countdown. I stopped thinking this was a compétition. I saw it as an adventure. While I was diving I was thinking «let’s find out what I can do, let’s see if I can go a bit further ».

And I did!!

And did a new PB and won and it was a great dive.




Thank you so much!

I wish you all the best and hope to see you again one day somewhere around the world.

Kisses from Athens,





Right after my workshop Sailing and Freediving in Greece I had a wonderful opportunity to lead a workshop with OneBreath team organized by my safety buddy from Miele commercial Dimitris Koumoulos.



We had an amazing time practicing de-concentration out of the water and in the water, working on competition anxiety, streitching, breathing and freediving! I enjoyed a lot the company and going deeper in psychology of every participant! Thank you for your questions, curiosity and desire! See you around the world !

Marina Kazankova

* * *



Very interestingly one of the other dancers mentioned how our cells react to the environment and other people around us.

That is what the workshop represented to me. Whilst it is great to understand ones own rhythms being a part of a collective consciousness is more powerful.

I learnt to trust, to lead, to follow, to adapt, to not pre empt and to share and ultimately let go.

The connection with others in the room was pivotal to the experience in times where social boundaries are being implemented more than ever, to still embrace consensual human connection is key. Simply holding hands and then looking at ones own reflection without judging or pouting made sense.

My favourite part was the warm up the freeing and releasing before beginning the waltz. It was great to have had a knowledge of many different types of dance, martial arts and diving as it informed the movement and breathing.

Thank you Benny and Marina for an insightful and joyous workshop.

I found myself doing a little morning dance this am and that has not happened since I was kid.



* * *






Marina Kazankova psychologist, world champion FreeDiver and Actress is joining forces with Benny Maslov actor, dancer and choreographer in their first workshop together exploring human relationships through dance connection and psychology of your behavioral patterns and reactions.

Workshop includes:

Connection through dance: tango, disco fox, salsa, bachata, contact improvisation, rock and roll lifts ecc

Psychological Study of your own reactions and emotions, practical dance tips, breathing techniques, sharing



£85 early bird

£95 from 25 June

£105 on the door



Central London venue will be announced shortly


Payment method:

Bank Barclays

Account name Benny Maslov

SORT CODE 20-47-34

Account number 00048968

Please send us your email address so we can confirm the recipe of your payment


Book your place by contacting us on FB by email of phone:

Benny Maslov 07815 587172 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Marina Kazankova +393477751101 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


To learn more about us:





Guinness World Record Attempt for the Longest Underwater Dance (free diving) was made in the deepest pool in the World Y-40!

Wonderful event, Christmas present to the World from the Actress, World Champion Freediver, Guinness Record Holder, Psychologist Marina Kazankova and Freediver, Artist, Designer Dmitrij Malasenko!







Why do I do 1 Guinness Record a Year?)

Since I was a little kid I love the inner and outside harmony!) My job is an actress, the perfect way to have a huge experience to live different lives and to give feelings and emotions to the audience.







My first play in London with Xameleon Theatre 22-24.11 Canada Water Theater! Come see us!)





























Premier of a new movie « Грецкий орешек» with my partner from the movie 
Legends of St. Petesburg @artemtkachenko 





Back stage!) shooting in Moscow!)









The beauty and depth of Mediterranean Sea together with the History of Rome will help us to dive deep inside ourselves, to get free from fears, to feel lightness and harmony in each freedive!)

Freediving Basic Course in French Alps! Chamonix
Your basic course is going in Alps!
How said that you can’t learn to freedive in the mountains? Of course you can!)

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I'm on my way home from Marina Kazankova's workshop on De-concentration attention and I must say that it was a very useful and interesting introduction to the techniques she teaches.

10-14.06.17 we had our international workshop in the warmers and safest waters of Y-40. Russia, Italy, Australia, Poland participated in it!) So many PBs (Personal Bests) in only 5 days!

We had 2 beautiful days of different psychological techniques, breathing exercises,
stretching and meditations!) Beautiful company and plenty of pleasant emotions!) Thanks to Apnea Pirates Yuriy Rakhmatullin for the organization! Thank you all for being so receiving and attentive and make in happen in the best way

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