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I love to act in the movies and i'm certainly not interested in fame, the opposite in fact -so that people may be released from their borders; to live, to feel, to love, to breath. I have been very sensitive lately to violence and murder scenes in movies, it is of no real interest to me. I want to make movies based on happiness, love, realising dreams and aspirations. I see acting as an art that should inspire peoples emotions and consciousness positively. Implementing this concept properly onto film requires a lot of energy and hard work from like minded people, working together, believing in a greater purpose.


My movie career is ready for the international level and to work on projects around the globe. I thoroughly enjoy the many aspects of acting and immersing myself completely in new roles.

Check out this revolutionary new music video starring Marina Kazankova featuring behind the scenes coaching and safety by Grant W. Graves. Filmed in a SINGLE SHOT, no cuts, no edits... and Marina did the whole take in ONE BREATH. Have been waiting for this to come out for ages ;) Well done, team!!! Hold your breath...